Muse Plastic Surgery Procedures
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At Muse Plastic Surgery, located in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia, your comfort and safety are first.

In our tranquil offices and state-of-the-art suites, you will experience Dr. Jones’s vision, compassion and expertise from beginning to end—from your first consultation to the completion of your aesthetic procedure—through a hands-on patient-care process we call the Wright TouchTM.

The Wright Touch is a central principle that guides the aesthetic goals as well the patient experience at Muse Plastic Surgery. This concept was created by Dr. Jones after hearing numerous patients complain of results that were either over done or underwhelming.   They desired a look that was just right for their bodies.  Individuals can be comforted in knowing that Muse Plastic Surgery makes every effort to ensure results that are dramatic, noticeable, and flattering, while avoiding extreme unnatural characteristics. Every operation from Face Lifts to breast augmentations follow the Wright Touch principle.

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