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The nipple areolar complex is made up of the nipple (the small projection in the center of the mammary gland) and the areola (the pigmented glandular tissue encircling the nipple). Inverted nipple correction and nipple reduction are two of the most common procedures performed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the nipples. Improving the aesthetics of the nipple areolar complex while avoiding complications (i.e. nipple sensitivity loss) requires the skill, focus, and attention to detail possessed only by an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Wright A. Jones and Dr. Sabine Lovell. At Muse Plastic Surgery, located in Atlanta, Georgia, you will receive a superior level of patient care in a state-of-the-art facility, and our plastic surgeons will work with you to safely and effectively improve the cosmetic appearance of your nipples with a nipple reduction procedure or an inverted nipple correction surgery.

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Inverted nipples point inward rather than outward, and although this does condition does not pose any health risks, it can lead to challenges during breastfeeding and may be a source of aesthetic dissatisfaction for some patients.  Additionally, in cases where only one nipple is inverted, the patient’s breasts may have an asymmetrical appearance. Nipple inversion can result from factors such as: severe breast sagging (breast ptosis), genetic predisposition, the buildup of scar tissue after breast biopsy, or the shortening of the milk ducts and fibrous breast tissue.

While non-surgical remedies (i.e. suction devices) may offer temporary solutions for nipple inversion, surgery is widely accepted as the optimal permanent corrective measure.

There are two general surgical techniques that can be utilized for the correction of inverted nipples:

  • Releasing the fibers surrounding the nipple, and pulling the nipple into the ‘outward facing’ position
  • Severing the milk ducts to release the nipple (while effective, this procedure will inhibit women from breastfeeding in the future)

Both inverted nipple corrective procedures can be performed in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia, and require minimal recovery time (unless the procedure is performed at the same time as another cosmetic breast surgery).


Nipple reduction surgery is a simple procedure performed to decrease the diameter, projection, and/or length of enlarged nipples by removing surplus tissue, and then re-shaping the residual tissue to the desired shape and size.

Nipple reduction procedures can enhance the overall appearance of the breasts, and may be performed female patients. This surgery is often performed in conjunction with other breast enhancement procedures, such as a breast reduction or a breast lift, depending on the aesthetic preferences and surgical goals expressed by the patient.

When performed as a singular procedure, nipple reduction takes approximately one hour and is performed under local anesthesia. After your nipple reduction surgery, you will be able to return to work or school within 24 hours; however, you will be advised to refrain from vigorous exercise for around 2-3 weeks, and to sleep on your back for the first week after surgery. You will be given a surgical bra to facilitate healing and you will return to the office for the removal of your stitches after 5-7 days.

Although nipple reduction surgery does carry the potential risk of nipple sensation loss and future breastfeeding challenges, the majority of patients are able to breast feed successfully and have normal nipple sensation.


At Muse Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jones and Dr. Lovell focus not on changing the core aesthetic components of their patients, but rather on using cosmetic enhancement procedures to help them become the absolute best that they can be. Our plastic surgeons believe in the importance of having well-informed patients, and will take the time to explain all of your nipple reduction or inverted nipple correction options and procedural details so that you feel completely comfortable about your surgery.

If you would like additional information about having your inverted nipple correction or nipple reduction procedure performed at Muse Plastic Surgery, please do not hesitate to contact our office today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Jones or Dr. Lovell.

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*This information about Nipple Correction was reviewed by our esteemed surgeons. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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