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    Surgeon’s Touch

    Wright A. Jones, MD- Founder, Director

    3400 Peachtree RD NE Ste 1537
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    Surgeon’s Touch Inc. was started in 2016 by Dr. Wright Jones, a board certified plastic surgeon. As a child he observed two family members suffer from burn injuries. A commonality was noticed between his hometown in rural Georgia and South Central, Los Angeles, where he spent many of his childhood summers. There were individuals who were walking around with the same physical deformities for many years. It seemed as if they were hopeless and had given up trying to find help, likely due to a multitude of other personal challenges. Dr. Jones decided that one day he would do something to help those citizens and the community in which they live.


    Disadvantaged patients often face a greater challenge in obtaining elective reconstructive procedures. Even with the advent of a new healthcare plan, it is likely that low-income families will continue to experience a lack of access to reconstructive surgery. The overall shortage of plastic surgeons in the United States, small number of plastic surgeons performing reconstructive surgery, and non-emergent nature of most deformities are factors that may potentiate the huge healthcare disparity seen within the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. In the mean time, patients requiring these procedures continue to suffer from the psychological, physical, and financial burdens created by many deformities that may not be an immediate threat to life.


    Surgeon’s Touch is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization created to assist the alarming healthcare disparities seen within the field of reconstructive plastic surgery. Eligible low-income patients suffering from aquired and congenital abnormalities will receive reconstructive surgery from competent plastic surgeons and necessary healthcare professionals. Each operation is earned through effective community service projects developed by patients and two additional sponsors. Our aim is to also ignite a spirit of giving and positivity within these often heavily burdened communities.


    • Reconstruction of tissue deformities resulting from traumatic, iatrogenic, or developmental abnormalities
    • Patients with medical or psychological comorbidities may require appropriate evaluation and medical clearance prior to participation
    • Educational programs and lectures to patients, family members, volunteers, and trainees involved in the care of patients

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      3400 Peachtree Rd NE
      Suite #1537
      Atlanta, GA 30326