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    Popular Procedures for People Who Have Lost Weight

    Post weight loss surgery in AtlantaWhen you kick off a weight-loss journey, you may envision yourself having a perfect body at the end, but it is not always that easy. You may ultimately discover that while your body looks better, it is not nearly as toned as you had originally hoped. Fortunately, the talented doctors at Muse Plastic Surgery offer amazing procedures that can help to take your body the rest of the way for a fitter, more attractive overall appearance.

    Procedures to Remove Stubborn Fat

    You may be tempted to say that the whole point of losing weight naturally was to avoid the need for cosmetic procedures, but if you are like many people, you will notice how lingering fat deposits cling to your body despite ample diet and exercise. The following treatments can help address resistant fat:


    Though it is often mistaken for one, liposuction is not a weight-loss surgery. In fact, it is much better suitable for patients who are closer to their goal weight but have unwanted, stubborn pockets of fat. The suctioning technology safely removes fat cells from the body to leave behind nicer contours.


    One way to avoid surgery altogether is to try a non-invasive alternative like CoolSculpting. This state-of-the-art procedure uses cold temperatures to freeze fat cells in your body. As much as 25% of the fat cells in a treated area are killed when frozen, and eventually these cells are safely and naturally expelled by your body. Though the results may not be as effective or dramatic as liposuction surgery, it is an option for patients who already have a toned physique and want to remove small areas of fat. Provided that you maintain your weight moving forward, the results accomplished by CoolSculpting are permanent.

    Skin Tightening Procedures

    The number one problem you may discover after losing significant weight is the emergence of loose skin. If your skin is not elastic enough to snap back into place, no amount of diet and exercise can reduce the appearance of sagging skin. The only solution is surgery, which includes these procedures:


    Patients who have lost weight or were formerly pregnant often find that just because they are now skinny does not mean that their stomach looks attractive. This procedure gets rid of the excess skin around the midsection so that you can show off a flat tummy that better reflects your current weight.

    Arm Lift

    The skin that dangles from the upper arms can make people especially self-conscious since it is so easily on display when wearing short sleeves. This procedure gets rid of the extra skin for nicer arm contours.

    Thigh Lift

    Excess skin often congregates on the inner and outer thighs, making otherwise strong legs look flabby. With thigh lift, your surgeon can sculpt thighs that have much nicer definition.

    Mommy Makeover or Body Lift

    If your weight loss is dramatic enough that sagging skin is problematic all over rather than in a couple areas, you may be a candidate for a mommy makeover or body lift to make sure your skin is uniformly tight everywhere.

    Make an Appointment

    Whether you have a specific procedure in mind or would like our surgeon’s expert recommendation in deciding which treatment(s) would best benefit your newly thinner body, please arrange a consultation with either Dr. Wright Jones or Dr. Sabine Lovell by calling (404) 537-5951 at your soonest convenience.

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