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Nasal reshaping surgery (rhinoplasty) is performed as a means of surgically improving the symmetrical and proportional balance of the nose, thereby enhancing the patient’s facial profile and increasing the overall aesthetic appeal of the face. Patients also seek out nasal reshaping surgery for non-aesthetic reasons, such as the correction of nasal cavity structural defects, which can interfere with proper sinus functioning and may potentially impair one’s ability to breathe.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most technically difficult cosmetic surgical procedures to perform, and requires the skillset of an expert plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing facial enhancement surgeries, such as Dr. Wright A. Jones, founder of Atlanta-based Muse Plastic Surgery, and Dr. Sabine Lovell. Dr. Jones is an exceptional plastic surgeon who has trained with top rhinoplasty surgeons in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, and whose mentor is a national authority on ethnic plastic surgery.  While working under these renowned experts, Dr. Jones was able to hone and fine-tune his rhinoplasty skills, and learned how to integrate clinical precision with artistic detail in order to produce beautifully natural rhinoplasty results.

When performing rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Jones and Dr. Lovell take great care not to erase or distort their patients’ ethnic heritage or overall facial appearance, and instead uses their surgical skills to enhance and perfect the facial structures, while ensuring that the nasal reshaping results blend seamlessly with the rest of the facial features.

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Facial symmetry plays a key role in the determination of facial attractiveness, and the size, position, and shape of the nose can either detract from, or enhance one’s facial symmetry. Nasal reshaping surgery is designed to bring the shape of the nose into proper alignment with the rest of the face, and offers a number of cosmetic and health-related benefits, such as:

  • Minimizes an overly large or wide nose
  • Repairs a deviated septum and/or damaged sinus cavities
  • Reshapes a nasal tip that is drooping, bulbous, or upturned
  • Reduces the size of wide, flared or upturned nostrils
  • Corrects bumps or depressions on the bridge of the nose
  • Repositions a nose that is off-center or crooked
  • Restores symmetrical balance to the nose after trauma or injury
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Types of Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty

Patients who have previously had a nose shaping procedure and are unhappy with the results may seek a second surgery to address their aesthetic concerns. Revision rhinoplasty is an even more complicated surgery than a first rhinoplasty because of anatomical changes made to the nose, as well as the presence of scar tissue. For this reason, it is extra critical to choose a top surgeon like Dr. Jones or Dr. Lovell to ensure a second procedure achieves better outcomes with technical proficiency.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Because Muse Plastic Surgery caters to patients of diverse backgrounds, Dr. Jones and Dr. Lovell understand and appreciate that beauty standards differ from one culture to another. Many Black, Hispanic and Asian patients wish to cosmetically improve their noses without making specific features that connect them to their ethnicity disappear. Surgeons who have experience working with patients of all ethnicities can customize a rhinoplasty to achieve a nose shape that feels both beautiful and authentic to that patient rather than assuming that a more traditionally “white” nose is the preferred outcome.

Female Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the top plastic surgery procedures sought by both men and women. However, many men and women prefer characteristics that are more in line with their gender. A feminine nose tends to be narrower and have softer, rounder features. In contrast to the projection of a masculine nasal tip, which typically sits at a 90-degree angle, a typically feminine nasal tip tilts slightly upward. Dr. Jones and Dr. Lovell have honed specific rhinoplasty techniques to best create beautiful, feminine noses.


Although most rhinoplasty surgeries are cosmetic in nature, some patients seek nose reshaping to improve their breathing. By straightening a deviated septum, a surgeon can improve the nasal passageways so air flows through more easily. In many cases, patients decide to address both cosmetic and functional nose issues with the same procedure.


Nasal reshaping surgery is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia or twilight (IV) sedation and involves either an open or closed incision technique:

Open Rhinoplasty: During this procedure, which is ideally suited for patients who require more comprehensive nasal reshaping, Dr. Jones or Dr. Lovell will make a small incision across the columella (the external end of the nasal septum).

Closed Rhinoplasty: During this technique, which is better suited for patients needing only minor nasal modifications, Dr. Jones or Dr. Lovell will conceal the incisions within the nose.

For both open and closed procedures, our plastic surgeons will construct a more proportionally balanced and aesthetically pleasing nose by utilizing pieces of cartilage from the septum (the partition dividing the left and right airways of the nose) to fortify and augment the pre-existing nasal structures.

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Rhinoplasty Recovery & Results

Patients should prioritize rest and relaxation in the initial days after surgery, taking prescribed pain medication to manage any discomfort. Most patients feel well enough to return to work one to two weeks after rhinoplasty, though activities like sports, which may lead to facial injury, should be avoided for a month or two.

Because of the swelling that accompanies surgery, results are not immediately visible. Gradually, swelling and bruising subside to reveal the nose’s new shape, though full results may take several months to manifest.

While scarring is a normal part of any plastic surgery, the good news is that with rhinoplasty it is rarely a concern. With closed rhinoplasty, incisions are placed inside the nostrils and therefore produce no visible scarring. With open rhinoplasty, the incision is hidden on the columella and largely fades from visibility.

Fortunately, rhinoplasty is not affected by the aging process, so patients can expect to enjoy the new shape of their nose for the rest of their lives.

Nose Reshaping Costs

Since rhinoplasty is a highly customizable procedure, the cost of this surgery is determined on a patient-by-patient basis. During a consultation, Dr. Jones or Dr. Lovell listens to the patient’s cosmetic concerns and devises a surgical plan that best fulfills the patient’s wishes. Muse Plastic Surgery can then generate a quote so the patient can make an informed decision about care.

When rhinoplasty is cosmetic in nature, it is not covered by health insurance. However, Muse Plastic Surgery accepts financing options through Prosper Healthcare Lending and CareCredit to help patients more easily pay for their care.



While aging will eventually undo the results of many cosmetic procedures, that is not the case with rhinoplasty. The reshaping effects achieved from a nose job should last the rest of your life. Although sun damage and loose skin can somewhat alter the appearance of your nose, its overall structure should remain intact. Keep in mind, however, that because the cartilage in the nose is especially delicate, it may take as long as a year after surgery for the swelling to completely subside and the full and final results to be visible.


Although most patients choose rhinoplasty to alter the appearance of the nose, the team at Muse Plastic Surgery can also use the opportunity to straighten a crooked septum in the nose if so desired. Known as a septoplasty, this process allows air to pass more freely through the nose.


Because rhinoplasty is an extremely customizable procedure, there is no one standard “look.” You can use rhinoplasty to change the shape, size and angle of the nose. It can also alter the projection of the nasal tip, address an unwanted hump, adjust the size of the nostrils or improve symmetry. Your results should be unique to you, and ideally match the specifications you requested before the surgery. The better you communicate your aesthetic wishes to Dr. Jones or Dr. Lovell during your consultation, the better your results should ultimately be.


Your scarring will depend on the surgical approach taken by your surgeon. If you have closed rhinoplasty, there will be no visible scarring at all since the incisions are placed inside the nostril. With open rhinoplasty, there will be a tiny but visible scar located along the columella, the strip of skin at the bottom of the nose that separates the nostrils. The good news is that, over time, the scar should fade from visibility.


Even experienced plastic surgeons consider rhinoplasty to be one of the most difficult surgical procedures. While you should choose a great plastic surgeon for any procedure you are interested in, that is especially true when the procedure is rhinoplasty. Drs. Jones and Lovell have the refined anatomical knowledge and technical proficiency to achieve amazing results when reshaping your nose.

Moreover, they are experienced at performing ethnic rhinoplasty, meaning they are able to change aspects of the nose without sacrificing characteristics that are common to your ethnicity. To schedule a consultation with our esteemed surgeons, please call (404) 537-5891.


At Muse Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jones and Dr. Lovell focus not on changing the core aesthetic components of their patients, but rather on using cosmetic enhancement procedures to help them become the absolute best that they can be. Our plastic surgeons stay up to date with the latest developments and technological advances in the field of cosmetic facial surgery, and they utilize these cutting edge techniques to ensure naturally beautiful results and the safest possible rhinoplasty procedures for their patients.

Dr. Jones and Dr. Lovell believe in the importance of having well-informed patients, and will take the time to explain all of your rhinoplasty options and procedural details so that you feel completely comfortable about your surgery. If you would like additional information about having your nasal reshaping procedure performed at Muse Plastic Surgery, please do not hesitate to contact our office today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Jones or Dr. Lovell.

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