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    Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery

    Breast Augmentation Surgery RecoveryBreast augmentation surgery is performed by plastic surgeon, Dr. Wright Jones, for many different patients. As an experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jones will discuss all aspects of the procedure during the initial consultation, including its estimated recovery period and process.

    As an plastic surgery or otherwise, the recovery in case of breast augmentation can vary from one patient to another. If the procedure is performed in conjunction with other surgeries, the recovery can be longer. Patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, GA, and surrounding areas may visit Dr. Jones for a breast augmentation consultation.

    First Few Days after Surgery

    As soon as the  plastic surgeon has completed the procedure, the stuff will move the patient to a secluded recovery area for monitoring. The patient will need some time to fully recover from the effects of general anesthesia or heavy IV sedation. Once the surgeon has determined that the patient is fit enough to go home, the patient will be allowed to return home the same day.

    As an experienced  cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Jones usually recommends his patients in advance to have someone who can drive them back home following the surgery. It is also a marvelous idea if the patient will have someone to accompany her for the first 24 to 48 hours after the procedure for assistance at home. During the initial period, the breasts will be wrapped in bandages.

    The  cosmetic surgeon may have placed a temporary drain tube below the skin to collect excess fluid or blood. The surgeon will also provide a surgical bra, which the patient must wear continuously for the first few weeks to provide added support to the breasts, and expedite healing. The bra should be removed only while taking a bath or changing clothes.

    One of the important parts of the recovery process is that the patient should take utmost care to follow the post-surgery instructions provided by the surgeon. A fantastic surgeon will provide detailed instruction to help the patient go through the recovery process safety and comfortably. The surgeon will also provide a date for a follow-up visit, which is usually a week after the surgery. Patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, GA, and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive breast augmentation treatment from Dr. Jones.

    Pain Management and Return to Daily Routine

    Mild pain and discomfort will occur in most cases for the first three to five days following the cosmetic surgery. The patient can manage this with over the counter drugs or specific medications prescribed by the surgeon. Some medications to minimize the risk of infection may also be prescribed. Swelling and bruising will resolve gradually, and the patient’s condition will be much better by the second week.

    Most patients will be in a position to go back to work once the sutures are removed at the end of the first week. However, heavy lifting, physically straining movements, and aggressive exercises and activities should be avoided for about a month. The patient should perform a sedentary desk job for the first few days at work until the healing is better.

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