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Breast Augmentation Surgery in Atlanta

breast augmentation atlanta buckheadAugmentation mammaplasty, commonly known as breast implant or breast augmentation surgery, is a cosmetic surgery procedure aimed to enhance the size, fullness, and volume of female breasts through surgical placement of saline or silicone implants. Dr. Wright Jones is a plastic surgeon providing this procedure to patients in Atlanta, Stockbridge, GA and surrounding areas.

As an African American plastic surgeon, Dr. Jones has a close understanding of the ethnic breast anatomy, in addition to his knowledge and experience in the field of regular breast surgeries. Therefore, patients who are looking for a black cosmetic surgeon may consider visiting the practice of Dr. Jones for a consultation.

Why Choose Breast Implant Surgery?

Women may opt for breast augmentation for a variety of reasons. Cosmetic enhancement of the breasts is the most common reason. As a cosmetic surgeon in Atlanta and Stockbridge, GA, Dr. Jones will first evaluate the suitability of the candidate from all perspectives before recommending breast augmentation. He may perform breast augmentation surgery if the patient has one or more of the following attributes:

  • The woman is bothered by the naturally small size of breasts, which may have occurred due to genetic or other reasons.
  • The woman is dissatisfied with the breast size, even if the size is fairly normal, and is keen to increase the size to fulfill her aesthetic aspirations.
  • Breast volume loss has occurred following a pregnancy, breastfeeding or due to major weight reduction.
  • The woman has undergone mastectomy of one or both the breasts, and needs breast restoration.

Surgical Procedure

As an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Jones will perform breast implant surgery using general anesthesia or intravenous sedation with local anesthesia, depending on the circumstances of a case. The total procedure may last for about one to three hours, and is usually performed as an outpatient surgery. The surgeon will choose the appropriate incision size and location according to the patient’s breast anatomy and her personal aesthetic goals.

Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jones, likes to place the incisions in most discreet locations to keep the scarring least obvious. Through the incisions, the surgeon will create a space for breasts to place saline or silicone gel implants. Decisions such as the choice of incision location, the type and size of implants, and the placement position of the implants are taken at the time of treatment planning in close consultation with the patient. Once the implants are adjusted securely into their targeted position, the surgeon will close the incisions with sutures.

Recovery and Results

Most patients will experience mild pain and soreness in the breasts for about first five days. Sutures are usually removed at the end of the first week, and the patient may be in a position to go back to work after that. The surgeon will advise the patient to refrain from lifting heavy weights or performing aggressive physical activities for at least four weeks. The results of breast augmentation are long lasting, and the full results will become visible over several months as the swelling resolves completely.

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