Month: May 2017

What is Breast Reconstruction Plastic Surgery?

Women who have undergone mastectomy may choose to restore their breast appearance through a cosmetic surgery procedure called breast reconstruction. This procedure can help improve the patient’s self-esteem and her sense of femininity. However, patients should know that breast reconstruction is a major procedure, should only be performed by an experienced and well-trained surgeon. Dr. […]

Written by on May 29, 2017

Plastic Surgeon to the Stars in Atlanta

There was a time when cosmetic surgery was perceived as a luxury service exclusively for stars and celebrities. However, over the years, advancements in technology and dedication of the medical community have transformed the field and brought cosmetic surgery to the average women and men who desire to enhance their physical appearance. Double board certified […]

Written by on May 25, 2017

Questions to Ask your Facelift Plastic Surgeon

Face is aesthetically the most defining part of an individual’s personality. Any cosmetic surgery procedure related to the face should be performed only by an experience surgeon who has an in-depth understanding of the facial anatomy. At the time of pre-op consultation, the surgeon will encourage the patient to ask questions and clear all their […]

Written by on May 10, 2017