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Questions to Ask Your Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

Choosing to go ahead with a breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery procedure is a major decision. The patient should make this choice after careful deliberation and after a complete clarification of all doubts and concerns from the breast surgeon. The patient

Preparing for Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast reconstruction is a major cosmetic surgery procedure that will involve an extended treatment process. The patient should be ready to commit time for this procedure, and make adequate preparation for it in accordance with the surgeon’s instructions. During the

Your Breast Reconstruction Consultation

The decision to undergo breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery following a mastectomy is a major one, and should be made after due deliberation. Therefore, a pre-operative consultation forms an important part of the process, where the patient will have clarity about

Breast Reconstruction Risks and Safety

Breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery is a complex procedure, and like any other surgery, it will involve certain risks. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss the potential risks and complications of the procedure to help the patient make an

Breast Reconstruction Procedure Steps

Breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery procedure can be performed using different techniques. The steps involved in the procedure will vary according to the technique chosen and whether the surgery is performed along with mastectomy or at a later stage. Double board

Breast Reconstruction Recovery

Breast reconstruction is a major cosmetic surgery procedure, and its recovery will involve both physical and emotional aspects. The time taken for physical recovery will depend on whether one or both breasts are reconstructed and the type of surgical technique

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Before and After Photos

Breast reconstruction surgery is usually more complex than other breast cosmetic surgery procedures because it may involve multiple procedures over a course of several months. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will explain all about breast reconstruction to the patient

Who is a Candidate for Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

The decision to undergo any reconstructive or cosmetic surgery procedure should not be made with haste. Particularly, a surgery such as breast reconstruction can involve multiple procedures over the course of several months. Therefore, potential breast reconstruction candidates should carefully

How much does Breast Reconstruction Surgery Cost?

Breast reconstruction is a cosmetic surgery option in cases where a woman has undergone mastectomy of one or both breasts, or has suffered breast tissue loss due to an injury. In some cases, mastectomy and breast reconstruction may be performed

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery is a major procedure that may involve multiple treatments over the course of several months. The surgery is usually complex and should only be performed by an experienced breast surgeon. Dr. Wright Jones is a double