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Wright Jones Plastic Surgery Has a New Name: Muse Plastic Surgery

The outstanding and dependable practice of Dr. Wright Jones, a pre-eminent double board certified plastic surgeon in Atlanta now has a new name: Muse Plastic Surgery. Muse Plastic Surgery offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures that are

Preparing for Breast Implant Surgery

Between 1997 and 2016, nearly five million breast implant cosmetic surgery procedures have been performed in the US. While the procedure has become increasingly safe over the years, it still requires some of amount of pre-operative preparation to ensure desirable

Your Breast Implant Surgery Consultation

A breast implant is one of the more customizable cosmetic surgery procedures. This means that during the pre-operative consultation process, the patient should play a proactive role and provide relevant inputs to help the surgeon create a surgical plan tailored

Breast Implants Risks and Safety

According to the figures published by the ASPS, a breast implant is currently the number two cosmetic surgery procedure in the US after liposuction. The safety profile of the procedure has dramatically improved over the years with advanced surgical techniques

Questions to Ask Your Breast Implant Plastic Surgeon

Before proceeding with a major cosmetic surgery procedure such as breast implants, it is important for a patient to clearly comprehend what the surgery entails, its benefits and limitations, and its expected results. Whatever questions the patient may have in

Breast Implant Surgery Procedure Steps

Several steps will be involved in a major cosmetic surgery procedure such as breast implants. Although the surgeon may adopt different surgical techniques according to the patient’s unique needs, it will not have an impact on the overall procedure steps

Breast Implant Surgery Candidates

Most women seek breast implant cosmetic surgery for aesthetic reasons, whether to make the breasts more symmetrical, increase the size of naturally small breasts, or simply to gain a more voluptuous figure. But in some cases, breast augmentation may be

Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery Time

A major cosmetic surgery procedure such as breast augmentation will involve a significant recovery component. A woman considering breast augmentation should plan her schedule in such a way that she can have adequate time for a stress-free recovery. The duration

Top Plastic Surgery Procedures for Women and Men

Impressing others with your looks is the innate need of most human beings. Cosmetic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic procedures can help fulfill this need when an individual is aging or is otherwise unhappy with some aspects of their physical appearance.

Breast Implant Before and After Photos

Breast implant cosmetic surgery procedure may be performed on a suitable candidate who wants to increase the size of her breasts and make them more proportionate to the rest of her body. During the initial consultation, the breast surgeon may